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Imagine. Your home theater or distributed entertainment system. One voice command or a touch on your tablet, phone, or universal remote and the movie starts, your window shades close, the lights dim, your display turns on, and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. Alternatively, your choice of audio and/or streaming video plays throughout the house on multiple displays or speakers – anywhere you go. Or, when the sun goes down, your light porch turns on, the temperature adjusts for the evening, and the whole house locks at 11 p.m. Automatically.

All this, and more, can be your reality with a smart home theater and/or a smart home automation system.

Home entertainment

Entertainment Solutions

Our TVS Pro specialists can design the ultimate audio/video experience for you – whether it be for one dedicated home theater room or every room of your house. Experience an unbeatable home entertainment experience with the latest 4K movies, streaming music, or your favorite sporting events without a jumble of cables or a pile of remotes. Systems can allow individual rooms to play different audio and video media or share the same content through the entire home with multi-room video and/or audio capabilities – without any need for additional video sources for each room.

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Control – Your Way

Today’s entertainment solutions offer a wide range of control devices. Some might feel the most at ease using installed apps on their own, personal, mobile devices. For others, custom touchscreens, programmable remotes, or configurable keypads make the most sense – and integrate beautifully with the design of a home. No matter the control device or devices chosen, combine your preferred devices with voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to raise the bar even higher.

Home automation & control

Not Just Entertainment

Entertainment systems are just the beginning of what our specialists can design and install for you. Not only can we design an ideal dedicated home theater and/or multi-room audiovisual system, but we can design an entire home automation system that incorporates lighting control, climate control, video communication, appliance interaction, security, and more, into one main system. A series of actions can be programmed to complete with one touch – or everything can be programmed to your schedule and your needs without having to touch anything at all. Push notifications can be customized to notify you of things such as water leaks, unwanted motion or occupancy, or open doors or windows. You can even save energy and money by creating custom energy-saving modes that can lower blinds, set thermostats to away, turn off unwanted lights, and close motorized windows and door when no one is home.

It’s systems like this that can truly turn your home into not just a smart home – but a brilliant home.

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