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Visual Displays

Video content and static images can be displayed with a wide variety of mediums and technology solutions. Today’s most common video standard resolutions are Full HD and 4K. We can provide displays for these standard resolutions, as well as custom solutions in any resolution to fit your content needs, and even resolutions including 8K and more! Likewise, we offer displays that can offer more aspect ratios than just your standard display aspect ratio of 16:9. No matter the environment you have, the type of content you wish to display, or even the level of interactivity you want to provide, we can provide you with a product that will suit your needs.

Flat Panel Displays

LCD Flat panel technology has come a long way within the past several years. Gone are the days of bulky, heavier displays with unwanted picture burn-in, image retention, and motion trails. Modern flat panel displays, that are available today, come in various sizes, resolutions, brightness, and even ruggedness options. They can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor applications. Flat panel displays can be mounted and installed on walls, secured to beams or poles, or even suspended from ceilings. Additionally, we now have the ability to scale flat panel installations to create video walls in virtually any size. For increased engagement such as interactivity and wayfinding, ask about our interactive options that are offered as an integrated solution or as custom touch overlays to suit virtually any application.
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Video Wall
Projection Display


When your application requires image flexibility, projection systems can offer an unbeatable solution. We have equipped spaces such as classrooms, boardrooms, restaurants, churches, retail spaces, and many other unique places. Depending on the need we can offer fixed lens or interchangeable lens projectors. Either way, video projectors offer plenty of options for nearly any image size or application with the flexibility to determine your required image brightness. Features such as edge blending, stacking, and warping can allow your image to fill virtually any canvas imaginable.

Direct View LED

For a truly innovative and cutting edge display, direct view LED offers many advancements. Direct view LED (also referred to as dvLED) gives the ability to have seamless visuals at virtually any size – making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Not only that, but direct view LED displays have no LCD panel, allowing the LEDs to be the actual display pixels. This gives the advantage of incredible brightness, contrast, and vibrant colors – all at the most extreme viewing angles. In addition, LEDs have an extended life span that surpasses any other competitive technology today. Let us show you how LED technology can break the image size and resolution barriers by giving us the opportunity to tailor a solution that is unique to your application.

Direct View LED, DLED, DvLED
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