Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing Systems

It’s never been easier to bring multiple participants from various locations into a single meeting. Today’s technology is more versatile and advanced – and continues to improve. Everyone now has the ability to easily convert any space into a productive web conferencing room. We offer a wide range of products for web and video conference rooms including, but not limited to, different types of displays, PTZ cameras, audio speakers and microphones, and the devices that can seamlessly connect and integrate everything!

Scalable Solutions

There are products that will suit whatever needs you have no matter the size of your space. Our specialists can easily convert any space into a video or web conference room. We can design a simple system that allows for basic presenting capabilities or integrate simple minimalistic solutions with purpose-built products such as video soundbars. For those needing or wanting more, we can engineer highly customized systems that provide a fully immersive experience that gives you complete control. There is a wide range of displays and completely customized devices such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras (PTZ cameras) and beamforming microphones that can be integrated to give you the full control that you’re looking for.

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

Within the office space of today, most employees are bringing 3 to 4 devices into a meeting that have the capability of presenting or sharing content. Incorporating a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) atmosphere in the workplace is not uncommon. The ability to simply connect those familiar devices rather than force users to learn new, complex systems, can be a easily integrated. Not only can their displays be shown, but cameras and microphones can also be shared.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
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