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Now, more than ever, holding council meetings need to be easy, efficient, and provide abilities that may not have been available or required in the past. Whether attendees want to watch remotely, or members need to participate from another location, today’s council room audio visual systems need to provide those capabilities – and more. Enhanced visuals, audio reinforcement, or the ability to record meetings for compliance and archival purposes, can all be integrated into a uniquely engineered system to fit your exact needs. The engineers at T.V.S. Pro have been working with and have a proven track record of working with local and federal governments for well over 30 years.

Video Systems

Council meetings require the ability to display multiple types of content to groups of people simultaneously – whether it be a slide-show type presentation, displaying remote participants, or other video elements. Groups of people may be located in the same physical space, or, may be separated into smaller areas – and the types of displays needed may differ. Some environments may want individual monitors for each council member and large displays for other attendees. In addition, some displays may need to show one type of signal while another display shows something else entirely. Regardless, a video system’s sources and displays can be configured and routed to meet your specific needs.

Shure council room microphone

Audio Systems

Similar to video displays and systems, the requirements for your audio capture and amplification may vary. While some microphones are designed to capture a narrow area, such as an individual person, others can capture an area or a group of people. For meetings with an operator, microphones need mute and leveling controls available to allow the operator to better orchestrate the meeting. For meetings not requiring an operator, automated microphone systems that continually monitor and adjust with various intelligent capabilities are also available. For both types of systems there are state-of-the-art technologies to help eliminate unwanted noises, enhance and clarify sound, and more!

Recording and Archiving

Due to current state and federal regulations, it’s common that government and/or publicly held meetings require the broadcasting of meetings. It’s also common, and sometimes not only required, but regulated to be recorded, stored, and archived. Fortunately, with the right equipment, it can be extremely easy to offer a convenient, live, broadcast for anyone who wants to attend and participate. Additionally, broadcasts can easily be recorded, stored (locally or in the cloud) and offered at later dates, and archived for years and decades to come!

System Controls

With today’s council rooms, increased needs have made AV systems increasingly more complex. So, it’s imperative to provide a simple-to-use interface that addresses all aspects of the system. As mentioned, some systems may have a dedicated operator, while others may not. Regardless, the control interface needs to be simple enough for anyone who may be using it. And, it needs to provide the ability to customize video switching, audio levels, recording, streaming, and also provide feedback of system states. Control panels, or dashboards, can vary from a minimalist button panel, to virtual touch panel screens – just let us know what would work best in your environment and the system controls can be customized for your individual needs!

Council Room Control System
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