Command & Control Systems

Command & Control  Systems

Critical and complex sets of visual data require an AV system that can quickly and easily organize the content in an understandable manner. Often times this type of data is mission critical and the equipment must be built to last and often display information 24 hours a day. The ability to combine high performance switching and distribution, large scale monitoring, and centralized control for command & control applications are a must.

Serving multiple Industries

Environments such as Emergency Operation Centers (EOC), Government and Military Operations, Network Operation Centers (NOC), Security and CCTV monitoring, and Traffic Operation Centers (TOC) require monitoring of critical infrastructure. Although system requirements may differ per application, components in these systems often include: video and audio distribution, video walls, custom video routing and scaling, and teleconferencing abilities. In order to tie individual components together in an easy to use, customized and centralized control system is required.

Unified control

Command and control, monitoring, or operation centers combine multiple components into a single, large-scale system. With various types and several different working parts, it is imperative to provide a single, simple-to-use dashboard to control and monitor those systems. Control dashboards can range from a minimalist button panel to physical or virtual touch panels that come in a wide array of sizes – all of which can be customized to any system needs. 

System Stability

Mission critical systems need to be functional and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no service interruptions. Commercial and enterprise grade solutions are specifically built for all day use and can include components such as device health reporting, back up systems (such as redundant networks and power supplies) and proactive device healing.


Whether your needs are large or small our specialists can convert your space into a command and control system. We can design a simple system that has a single input or output and one display. Or, for those needing more, we can engineer a complete system that has multiple inputs and outputs and demand numerous displays for various information. Displays can be catered to whether or not they need to be viewed at specific angles, in specific lighting, or whether or not you want a projected image from a projector, flat screen monitors, or a large-scale seamless video wall.

Command & Control
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