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Classroom Audiovisual Technology

Education and learning facilities have changed dramatically in recent years. Classrooms are no longer just a platform for presentation but have evolved into something far more interactive, immersive and collaborative. Triggered by recent events, hybrid or blended learning, which combines traditional in-person learning with virtual learning experiences, has become not only a reality, but a necessity. Students now expect to have a similar learning experience whether on campus or at home – and teachers expect them to be able to actively participate.

Presentation Systems

A captivating display is the first step required to capture the attention of students and entice them to learn. A presentation device or display is the most basic audio visual system for any classroom and allows the teacher to present – whether it be a local presentation or enlightening video on a laptop or mobile device. Flat panel displays, video walls, projection systems, or even direct view LED can be incorporated into any classroom or lecture hall. Understanding the options available, with their individual pros and cons, is important when designing any presentation system.

Collaboration Systems

Some learning environments require an immersive and collaborative audio visual system that is more complex than a simple visual display and audio system. Today’s more advanced learning systems give students the ability to manipulate digital content, present content from their own personal devices, and give the ability to present from multiple sources at the same time. For even more interactivity, Student Response Systems can be incorporated to allow students to directly respond to polls and questions and collect the data to give the presenter real-time feedback.

Educational Display System
Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Recently, events of all kinds have been modified to enable virtual participation. Virtual events became demanded, whether or not schools and institutions were prepared. Converting systems to be capable of distance learning, and designing new systems to incorporate this capability, has now become the requirement. Furthermore, due to the convenience of allowing remote participation from any location, and the flexibility of time these capabilities can bring, it seems these types of systems are here to stay.

Educational State Contract Pricing

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Whatever learning environment you are trying to create, T.V.S. Pro offers multiple solutions and can design a system to assist in your goals. From presentation and collaboration, to hybrid distance learning, we have a wide range of products to make your vision come to life. No matter how small or large your environment is, or how simple or advanced your environment needs to be, we are confident we can provide you with a perfect solution to fit your needs.

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