Digital Signage

Digital Signage in retail space

Digital Signage is a significant tool that can be deployed to increase student, customer, and employee engagement and awareness in unique and creative ways. This relatively new marketing channel can display static information as well as provide current/updated, relevant, and even interactive messaging. Digital signage has become commonly seen at airports, medical centers, restaurant & fast food places, retail stores, and more. No matter the business you’re in, digital signage can enhance and update your communication efforts while providing aid to visitors and complementing your existing environment design.

Informational Displays

Commonly seen at airports, displays are used to show flight information or help direct travelers to correct gates. Similarly, in retail centers like malls, signage is used to help shoppers find the stores they want by displaying maps or inform them of the latest sales. In fast food places it’s common to see menu options and meals offered. Flat panel displays are the most commonly seen in today’s world, but larger video walls and direct view LED walls are quickly becoming more popular. Regardless of your environment, if you’re looking for a way to enhance visitors experiences, informational displays can help – and we’re here to help you easily implement them!

Digital Signage
Interactive Displays

Interactive Experiences

Although not as commonly seen as static or rotational informational displays, interactive displays are found in todays shopping malls, medical facilities, educational centers, and more. For example, wayfinding displays with interactive and/or touch-screen maps are highly useful in shopping centers, or for patients trying to locate their doctor at a medical facility. In learning environments such as museums or zoos, touch-screen kiosks can help captivate attention and educate visitors with exciting visuals and sounds. If you’re looking to provide a step-up for your visitors, interactive digital signage is the way to go!

System Sizes

No matter the type of digital signage you desire, we can provide effective solutions that will keep your students, visitors, customers, and employees engaged with eye-catching visuals. Systems can be designed for a single-screen standalone system in one location. Or, a system can be designed for a much larger-scale application that spans multiple displays, campuses, or even multiple locations. For larger systems, enabling cloud services can deploy new content, run health checks, and provide diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to help ensure everything continues to run properly. Contact us today to help you design the perfect solution for your environment!

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