Service & Parts

We no longer support products not purchased from T.V.S. Pro.
We only provide support & service on systems and products we’ve sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my TV screen is cracked can it be fixed?

In limited cases screen damage may be covered & replaced by a warranty.  However, broken or cracked screens are not economical to repair.

I didn't buy it from you. Will you fix it for me?

No, we only support systems & equipment that we sold, unless it’s under warranty and you were referred to us by a manufacturer.

I bought it from you. Will you fix it?

Please contact your salesman. Support options are based on system and product types.

Do you sell and install TV antennas?

Yes, we would love to sell you an antenna and provide phone support for questions.  However, no, we no longer install antennas.  If you’d like referrals, please call us at 801-486-5757 during business hours and we will try to help you find someone who can install it for you. 

Do you still sell lamps, bulbs, replacement remotes and other parts?

Yes, but please call us first (801-486-7555) as most parts are special order.

Did you know?

T.V.S. Pro, formerly TV Specialists, was founded in 1953, by Ken Bollinger, as a repair and service organization. Our first logo, a satire of Sherlock Holmes was used; he was called Sherlock ‘Ohms’ – the name of a unit for electrical resistance. 

But recently, due to shifts in the market, we changed our name and we now primarily offer Professional AV equipment, System Integration services, and Home Video Electronics  Although we no longer provide service & repair on products not purchased from us, we still provide support to systems and products we’ve sold.