InfoComm 2020 Top Picks

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InfoComm Connected 2020

For many of you, like us here at TVS Pro, who look forward to the filled exhibit halls with hundreds of vendors showing off thousands of products , you might feel a little out of place this year to know that InfoComm was cancelled and restructured. As this year’s InfoComm show was moved to a virtual platform, called InfoComm Connected, we took the time to research our key manufacturers and bring you the most applicable products that are being integrated in the current marketplace.

Conference Video

As COVID-19 has taken over our workplace, we are constantly reminded how important it is that we all stay on the same page. The most effective way of achieving this is through video conferencing. Having the ability to visually connect with each and every member in the meeting can be imperative to not only convey your message, but to see and react to each others non verbal communication patterns as well.

Our top picks:

Lumens VC-A71P 4K IP PTZ Camera

Lumens VC-A71P 4K IP PTZ Camera

  • CAM540 4K 3.3x optical zoom USB 3.0 PTZ camera ***Microsoft Certified Device***
  • CAM520 PRO 1080P 12x optical zoom USB 3.1 PTZ Camera (HDMI version adds POE+) ***Microsoft Certified Device***


  • New LC200 CaptureVision Lecture Capture/Streaming Switcher System
  • New VC-A71P 4K IP PTZ Camera -30x optical zoom – HDMI, 12G-SDI, Ethernet, and USB 3.0

Conference Audio

When asked what the most frustrating aspect of the conferencing environment is to end users, more than 70% of responses are issues with audio. Having the ability to connect to a room seamlessly and having overall vocal clarity are among the most frequent answers. With the introduction and expansion of the various lines from our manufacturers, there are simple and easy to use solutions for every environment.

Sony MAS-A100 Beamforming Microphone

Sony MAS-A100 Beamforming Microphone

Our top picks:

  • Stem Audio Ecosystem
  • Shure MXA series microphones (specifically the New MXA710, but also the MXA910/310)
  • New Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless
  • New Sony MAS-A100 Beamforming Microphone


All-in-One Conferencing Systems

Some spaces need to be kept simple, easy to use, and still need to be connected. In these smaller applications, an all in one solution is beneficial. As more spaces are being converted into distance learning and huddle spaces are shifting to include video conferencing equipment, these All-in-One products provide a very simple solution.

Vaddio HuddleSHOT – All-in-one conferencing camera

Vaddio HuddleSHOT – All-in-one conferencing camera

Our top picks:

  • AMX: Ascendo Vibe – Now at a reduced price!
  • Huddly: Huddly IQ – AI powered conference camera
  • Creston: UC-SB1-CAM – UC video conference smart soundbar & camera
  • Vaddio: HuddleSHOT – All-in-one conferencing camera



In the spirit of sustainability, laser projectors continue to strive and provide long lasting solutions for media presentation environments. Laser projectors have pushed past the 10,000 & 20,000 lumen mark, achieved 4K resolution, and continue to reach higher standards on a rapid cycle. Whether you are looking for a single room upgrade, or replacing a campus full of classrooms, laser projectors will continue to offer you the best value total cost of ownership.

Sony VPL-CWZ10 Laser Projector

Sony VPL-CWZ10 Laser Projector

Our top picks:

Sony Business Laser Projectors:

  • New VPL-HFZ131L – 13,000 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-FHZ10L – 10,000 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-FHZ91L – 9,000 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-FHZ75 – 6,500 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-FHZ70 – 5,500 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-PHZ12 – 5,000 lumens, WUXGA
  • New VPL-CWZ10 – 5,000 lumens, WXGA
  • New SRX-R815P – Pro 4K SXRD 10,000 lumen projector


  • New PX2000UL – 20,000 lumen WUXGA DLP Laser Projector
  • New P506QL – 5,200 lumen 4K UHD Laser Projector

Panasonic Laser Projectors:

  • New PT-RQ35K – 30,000 lumens, 4K
  • New PT-RZ990 – 9,400 lumens, WUXGA
  • New PT-FRZ60 – 6,000 lumens, WUXGA
  • New PT-LRZ35 – 3,500 lumens, WUXGA

Epson Laser Projector:

  • New Pro L1070U – 7,000 lumen WUXGA (4Ke) 3LCD Laser Projector

Production Switching

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

While our live event attendance has been nearly eliminated, thanks to COVID-19, the need to reach a broader audience online has never been more prevalent. Today’s live production switchers are becoming easier to go live with your content than previous generations. We now have the ability to share messages on a global platform – with the press of a button that is fast, simple, and priceless.

Our top picks:

  • NewTek: New TriCaster Mini 4K
  • Blackmagic: New ATEM Mini Pro live production switcher

We hope you have enjoyed our Infocomm top picks from 2020. For more information, demos, or pricing, call us during business hours (M-F 9AM-6PM MST) at 801-486-5757.



Dalton Parker is a Chief Technologist and a Professional Video System's Engineer and Programmer who specializes in control systems, and large scale video distribution systems. He started working with technology in the Technical Theater space where he received his first degree in Lighting, Sound, and Scenic Design. Now, he is applying his expertise to A/V automation, live video switching, and streaming applications.


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