Sony Advanced Display Technology Tour at TVS

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Standing room only at Special Sony Technology Event at TVS main showroom on June 5th.

We appreciate the incredible attendance at the Sony Display Technology event at our main showroom in SLC on the 5th of May. Many local universities, corporations, and AV professionals were in attendance. In addition to a detailed presentation which outlined these new technologies, there were four rooms with technology demonstrations. This blog will give an overview of these new technologies and their typical applications.

World’s First 7,000 lumen 3-LCD Solid State Laser Projector

This incredible new projector will be officially announced at Infocomm next week in Las Vegas. Based on the very popular VPL-FH500 chassis this laser version obtains the same brightness and physical size as the lamp based version but with up to 20,000 hours life of the solid state lasers and it has zero maintenance. Here are a few of the advantages of the Sony laser-based projectors that were pointed out during the presentation:

1.Lower total cost of ownership due to zero maintenance with no filter or lamp replacements during the 20,000 of operation.

2. Instant ON/OFF- no more waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down. Turn it on and almost instantly you have a full brightness image. Image can also be muted with no light reaching the screen and immediately resume when ready.

3. Energy-efficient for Energy Savings- by using an auto dimming mode the light source can be automatically dimmed when a signal is static or  disconnected. In addition, the lasers are automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the projected image.

4. Constant Brightness Mode- ideal for applications where the same brightness level needs to remain constant over long periods of time. This is ideal for museums, exhibits, and multi-projector applications where even the slightest change in brightness is not acceptable.

5. Vivid rich accurate color- due to the 3 LCD design this system has a very clear advantage over single chip and hybrid light source projectors which suffer from natural and realistic skin tones and vivid color.

Sony’s new VPLFHZ700, 7,000 lumen laser light source projector.

Sony’s unique laser three LCD color system for their solid state projectors.

In addition to the constant brightness capability, the laser light source is designed so that if one of the 168+ lasers should fail over the life of the projector it will not even be noticed as the projector has the capability to slightly increase the brightness of the remaining lasers.

Side by side comparison with competitive “Hybrid” light engine projectors.

In this very revealing demonstration two solid state lamp-less projectors were set up side by side and a series of images were repeated so that “removed” brightness, color accuracy, and color brightness could be compared side by side.

Comparison of hybrid solid state vs Sony laser solid state (right side) projected images.

Even in this small off-screen photo you can easily see the difference in color accuracy and color brightness.

This comparison was done with Sony’s VPLFHZ55 laser projector with 4,000 lumens of both color and black and white light output. One of the great announcements at the event was that Sony will be releasing a version of this projector without a lens and when they do all of the lenses which were previously restricted to the lamp based versions, (including wide angle and telephoto lenses) will work on all versions of the VPL-FHZ55 laser projectors.

Vision Presenter

The Sony Vision Presenter is the ultimate in large lecture, large corporate or auditorium sized presentations.
It is a software solution whereby very high resolution displays, either 4K or two full HD displays, can be used in an efficient and visually stunning manner. Controlled by the presenter with an Android or Apple tablet, source.

Sony’s Vision Presenter using two edge-blended projectors for super wide screen presentations images can be simply dragged from the smaller images to the larger images for full control and display options. These source images can include live sources, web sites and computer files including videos, live cameras, still images, and PowerPoint. Once the source is displayed as one of the two larger images they may be controlled and manipulated by the presenter. The software includes 6 pre-installed layout templates for 4K displays and 8 templates for dual edge-blended displays like the above. Ideal for effective interactive communication this system takes presentations to the next level.

Professional 4K Projector

The fourth demonstration was of the Sony VPL-GT100 4k projector. This highly advanced and precision display system offers not only the detail and resolution of both professional 4K and UHD standards, but includes several capabilities for even the most challenging applications.

Sony VPL-GT100 4K, 4096 X 2160 with ultra high (over one million to one) dynamic contrast.

What really separates this projector for demanding roles in simulation and scientific applications is the smear reduction and transport delay reduction. Sony’s dark frame insertion technology reduces visible smear in high motion images and their newly developed image processing circuitry is optimized to provide for minimal transport delay. The image is further refined with a wider color space than other projectors. Capable of displaying the very wide Adobe RGB and DCI color space and allows the display of rich expanded colors and meets professional specifications for architectural and fashion industry applications.

This event represents the first of what we hope will be many more by our newly formed TVS AV Solutions group and we look forward to hosting and inviting industry professionals to attend in the future. A special thanks to our friends at Sony who made this event possible even before they will be shown at the annual Infocomm Show in Las Vegas next week.

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