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1In compliance with Optoma, the models for the upgraded UHZ65 are now called Theo-Z65 and Theo-Z65 Lite

About T.V.S. Pro

Here at TVS Pro, we provide the best options for all A/V solutions. In 1953, we started as a service center for electronics, but in 1966 Panasonic approached us to become the 1st Panasonic Professional Video Systems dealer in Utah. Then, in 1976, we began selling the 1st affordable home CRT projectors (Novabeaam 1000A). We’ve been trusted locally, regionally and have been recognized internationally for our dedication with projection systems. We serve home users, businesses, corporations, education, house of worship, government AV systems and more!

About our reviews

Our purpose in doing these video projector comparisons is to provide our customers and own sales team with knowledge and information, along with visual, real world, side-by-side comparisons to make informed decisions. We learned many years ago in the professional simulator and government applications that you cannot, or should not, make product decisions based on manufacturer’s specifications or isolated technical reviews when only a single projector is tested and not compared to the competition side-by-side. We have also learned that price is a relative guideline to the actual performance and there are many exceptions to, “you get what you pay for,” when it comes to new technology and new innovation products.

About the author Ted Bollinger

Ted Bollinger

Ted Bollinger has been in the professional display and electronic imaging industry for over 40 years. He has worked with and consulted with most major manufacturers’ engineering representatives of professional and consumer flat screen TVs and projectors. Has has been personally recognized internationally by the Matsushita family (of Matsushita Electric Industries – now Panasonic – and has been recognized nationally by many other companies. He currently serves as the Vice President and manager for professional display products.

About the author Mike Bollinger

Mike Bollinger

At a young age, Mike was exposed to electronics and technology, and naturally became interested in them, In high school, he worked after school and on weekends running service calls hooking up stereo and later surround sound systems, as well as troubleshooting and working on Antenna, Cable and Satellite TV systems both in residential homes as well as commercial buildings. He installed some of the first DirecTV systems in the Salt Lake Valley when they came out in 1994/95. He has been in in the consumer and professional Audio and Video industry full time for over 20 years. He is currently an account manager at TVS Pro and specializes in audio and display technologies.

1In compliance with Optoma, the model for the Upgraded UHZ65 is now called THEO-Z65